Buy A Bitcoin Review

The ramblings and thoughts of a bitcoin newbie discovering Australia's bitcoin exchanges

First bitcoin purchase experience

The first time I visited Buy A Bitcoin i was disappointed to find the message, 'Sorry! we are closed for the evening.' It was rather late at night but I was not expecting to be turned away. In the world of online shopping its an unusual practice and a bit of a blow to the site's convenience.

Visiting the site again the next day during work hours I had a much better result, and the site closure made much more sense. Buy A Bitcoin only accept cash deposits made within four hours of placing an order. After filling in some details and providing my own wallet address I received an email with clear instructions on how to make a deposit and complete the order. I managed to visit a local bank branch and make the deposit within the allotted time and was please to see this bitcoin arrive in my wallet within the hour.

I was very impressed with the speed of the service, the entire process was one of the quickest purchases I have experienced. Buy A Bitcoin forgo much of the ID verification which can slow down the first purchase experience, requiring only my mobile phone number and email address.

Ease of use

The site has an emphasis on making the purchase process as simple as possible and does a great job in keeping the buying process fast. You create your purchase order right from the homepage and are finished within a few clicks, making site navigation straightforward and very minimal. Prior bitcoin experience or knowledge did appear presumed however, as Buy A bitcoin does not spend a lot of time running through terminology and asks you to provide your own bitcoin wallet address, which might be an issue for completely novice users.

Cash deposits are convenient for quick purchases during normal working hours as long as you can get to a bank, but the lack of any additional payments may not be ideal for some users. An option to purchase online, after hours and in the comfort of your home is a convenience I have come to expect from internet services.

Bypassing the ID process synonymous with most bitcoin services is refreshing and removes a layer of complexity usually found when directing someone to buy some bitcoin for the first time.

Security and support

Security responsibility are directly passed onto the customer after a purchase is complete, with your bitcoin sent to a wallet address that you must protect and manage yourself. This model is great for experienced users but could be overwhelming to a beginner not confident with the task of setting up a secure wallet and most importantly, making sure it is properly backed up.

Assurance that your order will be fulfilled is well presented, and its nice to see a dedicated support line available to call if you get lost at all. In my experience the site lived up to its promise and my bitcoin arrived without problem so trust in the service for me was not an issue.

Taking a closer look at the rest of the Buy A Bitcoin site does uncover some out-of-date sections, the blog for example had not been updated in a month, but a quick social media check showed plenty of activity.

Final thoughts

Buy A Bitcoin's service is simple and effective, it is a great site for quick cash purchases and lives up to its promise of being fast, simple, and safe. The site lacks many of the advanced features of other services which offer a more all inclusive bitcoin platform for serious bitcoin users, but provides an easy on-ramp for beginners to buy some bitcoin.

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